Our Story

In 2013, founder Maggie Solihin realized that she was frustrated with her morning routine.

Was it something she was eating? Perhaps the dog was moving around the bed. Maybe it was the beer she had last night.

She would wake up, wash her face with a basic scrub, slap on some moisturizer, and hurriedly apply makeup. Perhaps that would be good enough to cover up the wrinkle that was starting to form around the eyes.

But by mid-afternoon, underneath the glare of the bathroom light, Maggie could still see the effects of stress and dirt on her face.

She had tried so many products and none of them worked. Maggie also felt disconnected to all of these traditional skin care companies. Did they really CARE how she looked or how she felt? Did they even know what she wanted?

Worse, Maggie had heard the stories of companies dumping toxins into rivers, testing products on animals or razing rainforests to find exotic ingredients. How come it was so hard to find a product that didn’t harm the environment?

Maggie thought there MUST be newer and better way to keep skin looking young, healthy and vibrant, but also a way to do it with customers and the planet in mind.

Enter One Life Vest. After years of expensive treatments, of snake oil salesmen who sold useless products or multinational corporations damaging our planet, Maggie consulted with the skin care industry’s leading academics to find a blend of ingredients that not only fought aging and worked but was designed to be sustainable and affordable.

While other ingredients have a wide variety of effects on the skin, Maggie found that there were just two that REALLY produced that glowing look, but was also easy to use: Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid. Better yet, the One Life Vest team used all natural ingredients that are abundant and easily found in nature.

While the One Life Vest idea started with the Serum, Maggie knows it’s a launching pad for something bigger, something larger than Maggie herself or you. One Life Vest has a mission: to help men and women look and feel their best, however, we can, while being sustainable and loyal to our customers.

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